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The stickers arrived…

I thought I would use these instead of business cards as something a bit more fun! Designed in Illustrator and painstakingly been cut into individual stickers…..!

Local beauty website design – First page on Google

pixelpixie mewsbeautique2

One of my clients ( runs a local beauty business and needed a logo and website designed to promote herself. I’ve successfully managed to get the site onto the first page of Google using SEO for the main keyword searches in the area, which is vital for getting online exposure. Another thing I focused on with…

Promo Sticker Design graphic logo web print design london surrey wallington

I wanted to do something funky for my first self promotion 🙂 I’m going to be doing a sticker bomb to catch peoples’ attention! I can’t wait for the finished product to arrive!

Vinyl sleeve album artwork for prog rock band graphic logo web print design london surrey wallington

I love taking on a mixture of different projects! This was great to work on and I had free reign on what I could put together. The artwork is for a prog rock band with a space theme, I made sure that this artwork was drawn in Illustrator using vectors so that the band could…